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Find the Best DSL Offers

There are plenty of DSL offers on the web. This site aggregates the top DSL offers so you can select the best deal.

In addition to DSL offers, there are several DSL tips, faqs and how-to's that will help you get the most out of your connection .Whether you're looking to find the right DSL provider or have simple questions on getting your DSL up and running this site should get you started in the right direction.

With new service's such as Circuit City's Firedog and Best Buy's Geek Squad you'd be hard pressed not to investigate whether or not you could setup your DSL connection yourself. The costs associated with these installations can often double the amount you pay for the actual DSL equipment. This doesn't include if you fall into one of the cross-sell traps that they aggressively push for (Norton AntiVirus Software).

We can start by covering expenses. The ridiculous amount that some of these places charge for cables, labor and software is a plain joke. There are plenty of places online such as Newegg where with a bit of patience you can save over 50% on cables, routers and just about everything else you might need to get your DSL connection up and running.





Kings of cable in most parts. Best deals are when you subscibe to DSL, Cable TV and phone service in one bundle.

Provider of DSL and satellite TV. Recently teamed up with DISH Network. Wide array of DSL packages.

America's #1 Satellite Provider also provides high speed access via Satellite. Great for those in the middle of nowhere and satellite is your only option.

National know for it's wireless services, they've recently team up with Yahoo to offer local DSL services.

Once one of the kings of dial up, Earthlink has now focused it's efforts on providing low cost dsl and phone alternatives.

Delivers DSL, VOIP, TV and Wireless phone service.